About Me

I am currently employed by Oracle, within their Adaptive Intelligent Apps team. The focus of my work is on automating the work-flows used to engineer, deploy, monitor and manage machine learning models, used at-scale throughout Oracle’s cloud applications.

Prior to this, I was director of data science at Perfect Channel - a medium-sized (fin)tech scale-up and provider of B2B transactional platforms, where I was responsible for the research, development and deployment of products that enabled clients to derive value from trade-event data – e.g. for measuring marketplace performance, price-optimisation, forecasting demand, recommending inventory and matching buyers-to-sellers programmatically. I was also responsible for the design and implementation of custom trading mechanisms - I think of this as applied game theory leaning heavily on ‘optimisation methods’ (linear and integer programming), as well as technology (e.g. micro-services).

Prior to all this I spent a lot of time thinking about credit derivatives and credit risk, in particular counterparty credit risk. So I know a thing or two about stochastic processes, time-series data, Monte Carlo methods and quantitative finance in general.

Going back even further, I once devoted three years of my life to research in computational neuroscience - more specifically the ‘early’ visual system and how it decodes visual information and turns it into perception. I got a PhD from University College London (UCL) out of this endeavor and learnt a lot about statistical learning, neural networks and machine vision along the way (before any of this stuff was as powerful and popular as it is now).

After what seems like donkey’s years - prior to completing three degrees, working several jobs, getting married and becoming a father - I was obsessed with theoretical physics. I remain fascinated by this wonderful subject and I think studying physics made me good at solving problems, as well as long algebra-heavy derivations that consumed a lot of chalk. Luckily for me, I’ve been able to make a living out of solving interesting problems.

When there’s spare time I ride and race bicycles, write code (for fun!), drink good coffee and listen to house, techno and electronica (with a soft-spot for UK rave from the early 90s).