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Introduction to JAX

JAX is a framework for accelerated scientific computing that provides an alternative implementation of the NumPy API for linear algebra computation with added auto-differentiation and Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation. Unlike similar frameworks - e.g., PyTorch or TensorFlow - it works within a purely functional programming paradigm.

The Flax and Optax packages extend JAX's capabilities to cover the easy definition and training of deep learning models.

Demo Objectives

  • How to manipulate tensors - i.e., JAX as an alternative to NumPy.
  • How to use auto-differentiation and minimise arbitrary functions.
  • How to build and train ML models from first principles - linear regression.
  • How to build and train a deep learning model for image classification using Flax and Optax.

Running the Demo

This demo spans several Jupyter notebook:

  • demos/jax/introduction_to_jax.ipynb.
  • demos/jax/linear_regression.ipynb.
  • demos/jax/mnist_with_flax_and_optax.ipynb.

Make sure you have the necessary Python package requirements installed into a Jupyter kernel for it to run successfully.